Love Yourself

Love Yourself

As some lady from Atlanta once asked, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?" - RuPaul

Romantic love always seems to be the focus this time of year, however loving ourselves is often over looked, or even worse - framed as being "selfish".

A simple way to bring some self love and self care magick into your everyday is to create a Self Love Spell Jar using items you probably have around your home, or can easily get at a grocery store - or even the dollar store (one of my favorite "witch" shops). 

Materials you'll need (feel free to improvise) :

  • clean, empty jar or bottle with a lid or cap
  • rosemary (fresh or dried) - stops gossip and improves memory
  • pink salt (white will work too) - used for its protective and purifying nature
  • cinnamon (sticks or powdered) - banishes negative energy and ‘warms up’ your magick
  • rose quartz (clear works too) - opens your heart and creates feelings of peace
  • rose petals (or your favorite flower) - self love, attracts love and beauty into your life
  • lemon oil (or lemon peel) - helps to remove emotional blockages
  • honey (or sugar) - adds a little sweetness
  • lavender (or chamomile)  - calming and helps reduce anxiety 
  • small slip of paper - write down your self love affirmations, or what love you want to draw into your life
Once your jar is full say a few words over it, maybe move it around in some incense smoke, as you say some words about what your intentions are. Hold the jar for a few moments and really focus on surrounding and filling it - and you - with all the love. 

Afterwards, place it on your altar, desk, nightstand - anywhere you will see it regularly.  When you feel like a little pick me up, hold it and feel the love vibes flowing. You can also include it any love magick you may be making to help amplify your work and "recharge" your jar. 💖
Take your self-care even deeper and check out the "Sacred Self-Care Oracle Deck"  and  the "Ritual Journal for Magickal Self-Care".