Creating Your Sacred Space : 3 easy ways for you to get started

Creating Your Sacred Space : 3 easy ways for you to get started

Sacred spaces are not always rooms per se, often they are just secluded nooks in someone's home where one can go to make magick, relax and journal, meditate, or read.

Having a room (or at least part of a room) dedicated to sacred space, however, is not something that has to be exclusive to yoga practitioners, meditation coaches, or intuitives. You can have your very own sacred space which you can use as a place just to sit back and get away from the fast-paced and stressful daily life that most of us live.

Your sacred space can be your own hideaway, where you can breathe freely, gather your thoughts together, and make your magick. Here are three simple steps to help you create your own sacred space:

✨Choose a Spot : Quietness and isolation are usually the primary qualities that a sacred space may have. No matter how small your home is, it is possible to have a dedicated area where you can have a bit of magickal respite. Just find a place to set it up that is a little out of the way in your home. You can situate your space in your own bedroom if you want. In fact, any corner that can be made secluded will do. All you need to do, if your space isn’t a separate room in itself, is to partition it creatively so you won’t be bothered while inside your magick nook.

✨Furnish Your Sacred Space: A magick making space or room doesn’t require much in terms of furnishings. The most essential pieces would be an altar or small table, a comfortable chair that is wide enough for you to curl your legs in. And even with that, a chair is not that necessary. If space is a problem, a cushion on the floor can serve in its place instead. A bluetooth speaker or some other device to play music, even a white noise machine to help block out the mundane. This can help put you in the mindset you wish to be in for your time here.

If space and budget allow, a bookcase or cabinet can be great places to store your Witchy books, herbs, jars (always room for jars), and other tools and supplies. Second hand shops and garage sales are a fantastic place to look for items that can be repurposed. There’s some magick in a couple coats of paint!

How your meditation room is lighted may affect how well you can focus and concentrate on magick making. For lighting you want to think soft and subtle - i.e. salt lamps, string lights, and candles.

Stay away from the harshly glowing fluorescent bulbs or bright daylight bulbs when you light your space.

You don’t have to decorate the walls if you can’t or don't feel like it. However, to set and enhance the mood, you may wish to put up some shelves where you can place some scented candles, or books, or even some crystals. Hanging a tapestry is another option. Adding a potted plant can help set the mood, too while bringing in an Earthy energy. Make your space yours. Let your imagination flow.

✨ Maintaining Your Sacred Space: Your space is ideally the one place in your house, if not in the whole world, where you can get away to relax, reconnect and clear your mind. The one thing that will defeat this purpose is if you leave clutter in your meditation room. No matter how busy you may be with your daily life, try to find time to keep your sacred space clean and free from clutter. Be intentional in your cleaning and weave some magick into it. Each time you do this your special place will be imbibed with more and more of your energy and magickal intentions.