Candles and Magick

Candles and Magick

For many Witches, working with candles can be a fun and powerful way to connect to magick. This age-old practice continues to be a popular tool that helps practitioners work with their intentions and manifest their desires.


Safety is key when working with candles. Never leave them unattended, and make sure to blow them out before leaving the room. Always remove non-wax items such as decorations or herbs before lighting them. When placing your candle on your shelf or altar, be mindful of any plants, photos, or other décor that may catch fire.

How to Choose the Best Candle

When choosing your candle, think about your intention and the energy you would like to work with. Then, you can find corresponding colors and scents that help you connect to your manifestation.

For example, if you’re looking to invite more love into your life, a color like pink and scents like rose or jasmine are perfect to work with. Alternatively, a black candle or one with a grounding scent like patchouli can bring in protective energies. If you simply wish to welcome more peace into your home, light candles made with blues or purples and scents like lavender or sage to create a calm and cozy abode.

Cleanse and Charge Your Candles

It’s essential to cleanse your candles before working with them. Smoke cleansing with incense is a tried-and-true method. Simply run your candle through the smoke while you focus on clearing out anything that doesn’t serve you. You can also place your candle in a small bowl of salt which draws out any unwanted energies. Make sure to throw the salt away after this process.

After cleansing, you can charge your candle with a specific intention. There are countless in-depth rituals for this process. However, holding your candle while focusing on the energy you wish to cultivate is an easy yet powerful method. Once you’ve charged your candle, you can light it and sit in gratitude as you welcome the abundance and blessings!

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