Hexing Jar

Hexing Jar

Channel a bit of your rage against the patriarchy into a magickal hexing jar.

Have you heard of a Witch jar?

A Witch jar is any small vessel that can be closed (jar, bottle, pot) and is traditionally used for protection as well as reversals (aka return that nasty shit back to sender).

You can create your own jar with a few ingredients and all the rage you can conjure. Once you have all you need in your jar you can bury it at the edge of your property, or if possible in a discrete location near the source of your rage that you feel would be most effective (pleased don't break any laws while placing your jar).

If you're in an apartment or condo, or just don't have a yard that you can easily bury your jar in, a house plant's pot will work as well.

Gather Your Supplies :

  • Jar, bottle or any small vessel that you can close tightly
  • rusty nails, metal, broken glass
  • string or yarn 
  • picture, symbol, or name of people you're casting against
  • small pieces of quartz, tourmaline, and/or obsidian to send the misogynistic energy back
  • mirror shards or reflective material (tinsel or silver gift wrapping ribbon works great)
  • salt to castrate the patriarchy
  • vinegar 
  • marker or non-toxic paint to use on the outside of your vessel
  • small piece of paper

Cast Your Spell

  • create your sacred space as you normally would
  • write in the paper what your intentions are with this spell
  • recite what you wrote on the paper out loud as many times as you feel it's needed
  • begin tying knots in your piece of string, one knot for each person or organization you're casting against - you may wish to say their names a loud while you do this and add in any other intentions you'd like cast against them - let your Witchy anger flow
  • place all the items in your vessel and fill with vinegar (you can also add some of your saliva for extra badassery)
  • tightly seal the vessel 
  • draw any power symbols, sigils or words you'd like on the outside of your vessel
  • close your scared space as you normally would
  • covertly bury your vessel (you may wish to state your intentions as you do this)

Afterwards you may wish to cleanse yourself with smoke, or a ritual shower/bath. Gotta get any residual fuckery and hateful slime off you.

Remember, it's important to engage in mundane efforts as well as magickal to help support and effect change.

I would love to share some resources with you here, however for both our safety, I can't.