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Fundamental Magick

Mega Magick Crystal Mix

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Look 'ma! No chips!

Our Mega Magick Crystal Mix is full of high quality crystals, as well as Witchy trinkets.

Your LARGE scoop may contain crystal tumbles, palm stones, towers, spheres, jewelry, skulls, as well as a candle, tarot or oracle deck, a Witchcraft book, cauldron, or other magickal item.

Your SMALL scoop may contain contain crystal tumbles, palm stones, towers, spheres, jewelry, skulls, as well as a candle, incense, altar décor, or other magickal items.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Orlinda Ricardo
Gorgeous Mix

I was super happy with the Mega Mix small....the stones/gems/crystals where absolutely beautiful, high quality and makes me want to order so much more...I highly recommend all her products as they are top of the line

Rebecca C.
If you love crystals and the coolest witchy things...

Right now, go and buy a scoop of this! Its all the beautiful and delightfully witchy things! I was amazed at the quality of the items that were in this scoop. I got some awesome moon earrings, a crystal ring, a beautiful nice sized pyrite skull, 2 medium spheres 2 mini spheres a beautiful quartz tower a fluorite bracelet, large labradorite tumbles, a palm stone, a bird skull charm, a bunch more medium tumbles and a really really nice oracle deck that has been a absolute delight to read for myself and others and lastly a very big heart with a stand for it. She also included sphere stands as well! I purchased a Samhain candle with the scoop and it smells like a Dream!!!!! You will not regret getting a scoop of goodies from this super cool witch! She puts her whole entire self into her business. So go buy a scoop of this NOW!

Estrella Garcia

These Crystal's Were Absolutely Breath Taking!!! Definitely Worth Every Penny 🙌🫶 Will Be Back For Another🖤🖤Thank You Witch!!