Fundamental Magick is the ultimate candle shop for the badass witch. Our signature candles are handcrafted, clean burning, and full of true magick.

We might be known for our Deluxe Cauldron Candles that come in a real cauldron or our witchcraft-themed candle subscription, but it’s our emotion-evoking scents that keeps our coven coming back.

We’re proudly led by Beth Wade, a true Witch who pours a sprinkle of her magick into every candle. She ensures all of our fragrance products are carefully crafted to help both established and new witches transform their surroundings into a space where big magick can happen.


From our founder:

My name is Beth and I'm on a mission to help modern Witches make their life and home more magickal.

I've been a practicing Witch since the late 80's, and have dabbled in Paganism & Wicca since the early 2000's.

A lifelong Chicagoan, my husband and I transplanted ourselves to the suburbs in 2018 where we live on a quarter acre with our ever expanding native gardens and three cats.

When you conjure up a mystical home aesthetic and vibe that reflects your path, you'll feel empowered to live your best Witch life; one that's filled with joy, magick, and enchantment.

Craft the magickal life you envision for yourself like the badass Witch you are.